What we do

Extension and Direct Support Services:

Feminist Counseling - for women sunjected to violence abroad. Counseling is offered to her family as well, to help see her through the crisis and ease her reintegration.

Legal Assistance - for victims of illegal recruitment and trafficking, contract voilations and unjust working terms and conditions. The center has a pool of dedicated volunteer lawyers practicing Developmental Legal Advocacy (DLA).

Welfare Assistance - for prospective migrant workers or returnees and their families with medical, livelihood, transportation and other welfare needs.

Education and Training - gives emphasis on migrant worker's self growth and sexual equality. To equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills on how to better protect their rights and welfare, Kanlungan offers courses such as Basic Migration Orientation Seminar, Migrant rights and Legal Remedies and Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Training.

Community Outreach - organizing communities of former OFWs and their families and establishing community-based structures of care to alleviate, resolve and prevent from happening again the adverse consequences of international labor migration, like violence against women migrants.

Kanlungan helped form Bannuar Ti La Union, a province-wide federation of OFWs, returnees and their families in La Union.

Who we are

Kanlungan Centre Foundation Inc.

Kanlungan Centre Foundation Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization engaged in direct service, advocacy work, research, and policy interventions for Filipino migrant workers who are survivors of human trafficking, illegal recruitment, workplace abuse, and non-payment of wages, as well as their families and their communities.

Founded on July 17, 1989
Kanlungan initially operated as a crisis intervention center for prospective, on-site, and returned migrant workers, as well as their families. In 1992, the organization decided on a more holistic approach, which would enhance the workers’ individual and collective strengths and advocating for social and policy change. Thus, it expanded its services to include legislative and policy advocacy, organizing of families of overseas workers, education and training, research, information and publication and, most recently, local economy development and capability building.

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